Cooking parsnips with potatoes

Christmas dinner is approaching and thousands of people around Britain will suffer one of the worst taste sensations on this planet.


Just avoid this awful vegetable. Photo: richard_north (via Flickr)

Roast potatoes are lovely and everybody loves them but the worst thing imaginable that anybody can do while cooking a Christmas dinner is cook roasties with parsnips.

After breaking the first rule of ‘Chris Gray cooking etiquette’, people then plate them together and as they are a similar size and similar colour when cooked, they are very difficult to distinguish.

Then the nightmare. You eat a parsnip thinking it’s potato.

A look of horror and anguish washes over your face as you try and keep the rest of your lunch down.

You swallow and the spend a good five minutes separating the parsnips from the potatoes.

I personally hate parsnips and don’t understand the people that do like the horrid little things.


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